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Data set: Microfibrillated cellulose, Exilva Forte (01.03.000)

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Microfibrillated cellulose, Exilva Forte; without water; at plant ; in 10% solution state
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MFC has many different application areas where different characteristics are emphasised. If the dataset is used for comparing Exilva MFC to other materials for the same purpose, special attention should be directed to product formulations and amounts. Necessary data to perform toxicity assessments has not been collected. Data are given for the active substance of the product. It is, however, sold and used with relative large amounts of water. Hence, make sure you calculate the correct amount of active substance. An example: you are transporting 1 kg of 10% Exilva. The amount of active substance is 100g. To calculate the correct transport volume, you will need to transport 100g of active substance and 900g water.
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General comment
Production of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) of the Exilva Forte grade, in a 10% concentration at the Exilva industrial MFC plant in Sarpsborg, Norway. The functional unit is 1 kg dry product at factory gate, without packaging. The modelling of the Exilva plant has been part of work package 7 (WP7) of the H2020 BBI JU Exilva project 'Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC' (Grant Agreement No 709746). The modelling of the Borregaard biorefinery and the Exilva site have been documented in the following reports: Modahl and Soldal (2015) and Modahl, Brekke, Valente and Soldal (2016). The 2011 status of the specialty cellulose was published as a scientific paper by Modahl, Brekke and Valente (2015). Exilva MFC comes in four grades: Piano Light, Piano, Forte and Forte Plus, and all qualities are produced both as a 2% suspension and a 10% paste. Modahl, I.S. and Soldal, E. (2015): The 2015 LCA of products from the wood-based biorefinery at Borregaard, Sarpsborg. Results for cellulose, ethanols, lignosulfonates, vanillin, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. Ostfold Research, OR 11.15, April 2016. Modahl, I.S., Brekke, A. and Valente, C. (2015): Environmental assessment of chemical products from a Norwegian biorefinery. Journal of Cleaner Production 94 (2015) 247-259. Modahl, I.S., Brekke, A., Valente, C., and Soldal, E. (2016): E-LCA and S-LCA of the Exilva MFC process. AR 10.16 Ostfold Research. Deliverable report D7.2 from work package 7 of the H2020 Exilva project 'Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC' (Grant Agreement No 709746). Confidential. November 2016.
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Free of charge for all users and uses
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Ostfold Research
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Microfibrillated cellulose can be used as a performance enhancer to improve rheology, colloidal stability and water holding capacity in a wide range of applications from personal care and agriculture to construction and electronics.
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